Funding processes of asylum, migration and integration


UNINTEGRA is a comprehensive initiative addressed to provide support to stepwise integration of refugee/asylum seekers at the host society since the early stage.

A pre-departure intervention is foreseen for providing refugees in Greece applying for relocation with emotional recovery, socio-educational support and self-empowerment, with special focus on minors and women, preparing them for resettlement.
Training professionals, developing educational activities on ground and providing the refugee community with self-management tools will be core actions that aim at reaching 500 stagiaires and 300 professionals (social workers, educators...) trained and a direct impact on more than one thousand refugees that will be helped to re-start their lives and successfully face their immediate future.
A post-arrival intervention is also considered, focusing on training a task-force of professionals to cover refugee needs locally resettled as well as putting the emphasis on enhancing capacity building of refugees themselves.
This model of intervention aims at impacting a direct target of 30 trained refugees and 30 professionals with a widespread impact on the general refugee community of the targeted areas as a result of the multiplier effect and the role of mentors that trained refugees are expected to play at short-term.
This project will also support inclusion of third-country nationals in society at academic level by designing a protocol of validation of competences that can favour their access to Higher Education studies in the EU at medium term and by fostering research and exchange of knowledge about barriers and facilitators for integration into society, in particular, of the most vulnerable groups, women and children.
At this regard, impact is expected at regulatory level providing positive influence in policy guidelines. Interaction of refugees with local community will also be promoted aiming at combating stereotypes and fostering positive migration perception in the hosting community.

Our recent activity

Latest News

The Integration Guide for Refugees in Europe has been presented to the academic community in Santiago de Compostela

29th November 2019

The Universidade de Santiago de Compostela has presented the Integration Guide for Refugees in Europe to the academic and social community, in the framework of a conference day held in the Faculty of Sciences of Education and focused on the work developed by UNINTEGRA consortium during 24 months of project implementation. This general Guide includes three specific guides (Integration Guide for Refugees in the European education system, Integration Guide for Refugees in the European hosting communities, Integration Guide for Refugees in the European labour market) available in the four languages: English, Spanish, Greek and Portuguese.

The UNINTEGRA consortium presents the Integration Guide for Refugees in Europe

26th November 2019

In the framework of work package 2 of the UNINTEGRA project, the universities member of the consortium, the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and the Universidade do Minho have produced an Integrationg Guide for Refugees in Europe that includes the following parts:

  • Integration Guide for Refugees in the European education system
  • Integration Guide for Refugees in the European hosting communities
  • Integration Guide for Refugees in the European labour market

Find access to these guides in the following link: Integration Guide for Refugees in Europe


Final Meeting of UNINTEGRA project

15th November 2019

The final meeting of UNINTEGRA project was held in Santiago de Compostela the 15th November 2019. The focus of this event was put on the plans for dissemination and sustainability of the results achieved during the whole implementation period of the project. The comprehensive programme of activities of this initiative, including training, research, awareness-raising, has brought successful achievements. These results become a solid basis for the continuity of the collaboration set up between all the partners, opening the possibility to future initiatives linked to the exploitation of the tools and proposals designed.