Round Table "Meeting", focused on the refugee women, held in Santiago de Compostela the 13th June

14th June 2019

The University of Santiago de Compostela hosted yesterday, June 13, the round table "Meeting" in which Suelma Beiruk,  President of the Sahrawi Group in the African Parliament; Fadile Tibisay, responsible of SAWT - Syrian-Galician association in favour of the Syrian refugees in Galicia- and Katherin A. Belgrave, asylum-seeker from Venezuela shared with the public their direct experience as refugees, asylum seekers, with the aim of giving visibility to their specific problems and exploring cooperation prospects for their integration of the refugee population in their host communities. Their testimony was addressed to create a scenario for reflection raising awareness of the local population and searching for feedback and real actions that will contribute to alleviate the situation of the refugee population and provide the right conditions for integration and inclusion.